Inspired by the craftsmanship of centuries past and the integration of a durable and unique artform in modern-day settings, Stacey Anderson began work as a mosaic artist over 15 years ago. Working out of a studio in Newburgh, Ontario, Stacey uses smalti, glass vitreous tiles, ceramic, stained glass and marble, breaking the material into tiny pieces to create works of art and functional items that will last a lifetime and more.

The challenge of creating a technically functional and durable mosaic and marrying that with unique and inspirational designs demands that a mosaic artist have solid education and experience in his/her craft. It is for this reason that she has trained extensively throughout the U.S. and finished the Masters in Mosaico course in Venice, Italy.

Stacey launched MosaicPro nine years ago to bring her original mosaics to residential and commercial settings. Her work has been sold in stores and galleries in every Canadian province.